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Cathedrals The term itself, "Gothic," derives from a term given to the style by Renaissance scholar, Giorgi Vasari, who incorrectly attributed the form to the Goths, Germanic invaders who helped lead to the downfall of the Holy Roman Empire and its classic ideals. In it's own time; Gothic architecture was referred to as "modern" or "French" architecture. The basic concepts and standards of Gothic form are colored, darkened and diffused light. A vertical rush to …

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…Milan Cathedral. Gothic architecture has continued to influence modern day architects and builders, and the style and connotation of the Gothic is definitely one that continues to appeal to the modern day populace. The 18th century experienced a revival of Gothic with the Neo-Gothic movement. The beautiful, spiritual, historical and awesome intention with the Gothic architecture and style is one that is timeless and will continue to capture the imaginations and respect of all peoples.