Catcher and the Rye Innocence

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There is a time in a personís existence when they loose their innocence. No longer are they sheltered from the harsh outside world, they are a part of it. They are now corrupt. A process that engulfs all and is only stopped by death. These are the thoughts of Holden Cauffield right before he has a mental breakdown. Holden adores innocence and how only the young are subject to it. In Holdenís mind …

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…is one of the few, the lucky, that remain innocent forever. Holden looks for those who are innocent. Holden is looking for Allie. Holden can never find Allie, and by seeking out the innocent Holden is merely trying to cope with Allieís death. His obsession with his brotherís death most likely is the reason why Holden snapped. He must learn in order to survive you must be corrupt. Allie never learned that lesson.