Catcher in the RyeAnalysis of the scene with Mr Spencer ch 2

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The Catcher In The Rye In chapter two, Holden reveals some of his most important traits through his interaction with Mr. Spencer. In this scene, it is the first time you see Holden communicating with someone, but even in the beginning, he is apathetic the lesson Mr. Spencer is trying to teach him. However, although he looks at someone like Mr. Spencer negatively, he justifies his or her imperfections and keeps from disliking someone too …

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…is a pathetic phony. Subconsciously, Holden cannot relate to anyone although he may not realize it. He lies to almost everyone he meets and it has devastating effects. He feels isolated. He feels alone in the world with no one he can talk to. He withdraws himself from society. Holden needs to belong, because to belong is one of manís most satisfying feelings and without it, any person will feel lost. Bibliography N/A