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Cassandra, was a daughter of Hecuba and King Priam, the rulers of Troy during the Trojan War according to Homer's Iliad. Cassandra was a beautiful young woman, blessed with the gift of prophecy by Apollo, who was infatuated with her. Unfortunately, she shunned Apollo at the last minute and he added a twist to her gift; Cassandra was doomed to tell the truth, but never to be believed. "I promised consent to Apollo but broke …

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…Agamemnon and Euripides' Troades are very different. Despite some similarities (Cassandra's total isolation on stage, for example), both authors use her for different purposes; in Aeschylus, she is totally dependent on the god Apollo, who is made responsible for her death, and she tries in vain to break his influence on her; in Euripides, she sees herself as the avenger of Troy, being the cause for Agamemnon's death, and represents human autonomy against the gods.