Case study and analysis of a SME and the development of a sustainable business proposal.

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Strategy, Strategic Design & Strategic Behavior "Eagle Box Company" Table of Contents 1.0 Letter to Mr. Cody Faircloth 2.0 Background 3.0 External Environment Analysis (SW) 3.1Societal Environment Analysis 3.2Task Environment Analysis 4.0 Internal Environment Analysis (OT) 4.1 Sales & Service 4.2 Production 4.3 Accounting & Finance 5.0 Chain of Command 6.0 Financial Analysis 7.0 Value Industry Chain 8.0 VRIO Analysis 9.0 Analysis of Strategic Factors (SWOT) 9.0 Overall Assessment of the Company 11.0 Issues Needing Clarification 12.0 Overall Strategy & Action Plan APPENDIX 1: Further Financial Analysis Dear Cody Faircloth, Generically …

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…stock measures Eagle Box Company return to common stockholders in the form of dividends: Annual dividends per share/Current market price per share N/A Price-earnings ratio is an indication of the market perception on Eagle Box Company: Current market price per share/After-tax earnings per share N/A Dividend payout ratio is an indication of the dividends paid out as a percentage of profits: Annual dividends per share/After-tax earnings per share N/A