Case Study of an airline in the post 9-11 era, and a marketing analysis of how the airline can gain marketshare

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Background: The 9-11 tragedy has left its residual effects on the American business environment in much the same was as untimely encounter with a skunk leaves its scent behind long after the encounter ends. While the American consumer's confidence in the airline industry is steadily climbing on the polls, the reality is that given the option, many travelers are selecting methods of transportation other than air travel. The result is that the damaged Airline industry …

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…etc will put the Continental name in front of the greatest number of consumers in markets that we serve, and maintain a highly visible presence. The Annual Detroit North American Auto Show and Detroit sports teams are examples. Also the Houston Rodeo is currently sponsored; affiliated rodeos on the pro circuit would be an ongoing leverage of this existing expenditures. 1 Http:// FFFD6038116847C5A8359E2174DE6ED7