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Starbucks Corporation: How many stockholders does the company have? As of December 11, 2000, Starbucks had 3.812 million shares of common stock outstanding and 8814 shareholders. There is no preferred stock outstanding (7.5 million authorized) What percent of the stock is held by institutional investors? 60.8% of stock is held by institutional investors. As of June 30 2001, there were a total 340 institutional investors with total holdings equalling 231,776,523 shares and a market value ($millions) of 5331. Does the company have listings in foreign markets? …

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…s. Have insiders been buying or selling stock in the most recent year? Insiders in the company have been selling more than they have been buying over the last year while institutions have been buying up the stock. Note that Putnam purchased over 20 million shares in 2001. Who is the average investor in this stock? The majority of stockholders are domestic and international banks, investment groups and pension funds. Individuals and employees, make up the minority.