Cascade Volcanoes

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The Pacific Northwest is home to the Cascade Volcanoes. Between Southern British Columbia and Northern California is where the Cascades thrust out of the earth. All along the range majestic peaks climb towards the sky. The Gorda, Juan de Fuca, and Explorer plates are being pulled down into the Cascadia subduction zone and beneath the North America plate. As a result of this the Cascade range was formed, and is still being changed to this …

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…eruption. Surrounding forests were devastated and mudflows brought havoc to the lower laying areas around St. Helens. If St. Helens was near a major metropolitan area, or even a modest sized city, the damage would be almost immeasurable. Many Cascade Volcanoes are still very active. Mt. Ranier is near Seattle, and Mt. Hood is just east of Portland. If either of these volcanoes were to erupt the cities below would be directly in the warpath.