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Cary Grant Perhaps the most dashing of all Hollywood film stars, Cary Grant stole the hearts of millions of audience members during his 40 years of acting. Born Archibald Alexander Leach on January 18,1904 in Bristol England, he was the only child of impoverished parents Elsie and Elias. At the age of nine he lost his mother when she was institutionalized at Fishpond’s Country Home for the Mental Defectives. Around that time, he developed a love …

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…Pauline Kael has written: "He embodies what seems a happier time—a time when we had a simpler relationship to a performer. We could admire him for his timing and nonchalance; we didn't expect emotional revelations from Cary Grant... He appeared before us in his radiantly shallow perfection and that is all we wanted of him.... We didn't want depth from him; we asked only that he be handsome and silky and make us laugh."