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How A Widow Grieves At 28, Nicole Reda is learning that letting go of the pain over losing Greg means letting go of him. So she's adopted a few of his habits Nicole Reda's house is spotless. She has two young children and no hired help, but there isn't a Tonka truck in sight. The one sign of clutter is basket after basket of warm, crisply folded laundry. You can see your reflection in her living-room …

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…anymore, they hang up, usually well past midnight. Her son Nicholas calls for her at 6:30 a.m., and they perform a new ritual. She brings him a photograph of Greg, and they lie in Nicholas' bed for a moment, staring at husband and father. When he is ready to rise, Nicholas kisses good morning to the picture, the glass now smudged with the little boy's lip prints. This is one stain Nicole will not clean.