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CARBON Hi I am the element Carbon who has an atomic structure. I have 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. My atomic number is number 6 and my atomic mass is 12. I am in period two group three. My physical properties are I am a non-metal, the state of matter I am at room temperature is a solid. At real high like 900 degrees, I will melt down and turn into carbon dioxide or monoxide. The color I am …

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…Five major uses of me is gasoline (for automobiles), grass for the animals, oil, fire, and for our food that people eat. The affect on life I have is that I am very important, without me life could not go on. I am a necessary for humans because I produce the grass for animals, which produces food for people. In my option I can not be replaced by another element. I need to be around.