Caravans of Gold

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MIGHTY PEOPLE OF COLOR: An Essay on “Caravans of Gold” and “Africa: A History Denied” A powerful and peaceful land of trade and scholarship was established in Africa long before European ships even landed there. Great African Empires flourished from the wealth of Africa’s natural resources that marked its rich and lavish history. Though Europeans and Arabs, people who most benefited from the wealth of Africa, denied Africa its legacy, the magnificence of people …

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…kingdoms my ancestors came from, I can have confidence in knowing that I am the descendant of astronomers, doctors, architects, mathematicians, philosophers, kings, and queens. I can now relay the knowledge that I have acquired to another who has not learned of the great things Africans have done. Being denied the history of my ancestors makes me aware of the extent to which some have gone to erase the achievements of mighty people of color.