Captain Courageous

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This book is about a young boy (Harvey Cheyne) who is the son of an American millionaire who owns several railroads, and lumberyards in the pacific states. A northeastern fishing boat rescues him when he falls into the ocean off of another larger boat on his way to Europe to finish his education. The boat he falls into is called the We’re Here and it is navigated by Disko Troop . Harvey requests that they …

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…book more interesting if it fits the likes and dislikes of that reader. This book had a story plot of that which made it not only, hard to understand, but sort of a pain for the reader to read over the accented English language. This reader has always like adventurous story plots and this book just did not have the clinching theme that this reader enjoys. Bibliography Captains Courageous, Rudyard Kipling, New American Library inc., 1964, 1981.