Capital Punishment

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Today’s system of capital punishment, the legal infliction of the death penalty on persons convicted of a crime, is fought with inequalities and injustices. The commonly offered arguments for the death penalty are filled with holes. “It was a deterrent. It removed killers. It was the ultimate punishment. It satisfied the public’s need for retribution. It relieved the anguish of the victim’s family.” (Grisham 120) Realistically, imposing the death penalty is expensive and …

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…victims towards enforcing the death penalty often end up with a haunting conscience that will remain embedded within them for years. Revenge is not always as sweet as it may sound. Finally, “man is not a divine being. He does not have the right to inflict mortal punishment in the name of society’s welfare, when there are suitable substitutes that require fewer resources. I ask society… why don’t we stop the killing?” (Grisham 404)