Canterbury Tales Critical Analysis of the Wife of Bath

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Near the turn of the fourteenth century the art of composing romantic poetry entertained the inhabitants of northwestern England. Many highly educated men participated in this art and form of entertainment. Most created tales, termed epics, were also very important to the history of the individual author's nation or race. One of the three great epic poets of this period, Geoffrey Chaucer, fashioned a collection of tales that was both unique and everlasting. This collection …

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…and Tale, but it is apparent that he does not agree with prevailing ideas about celibacy, marriage, and moral obligations of women during the middle ages. Instead of revealing his own thoughts, he leaves these moral debates in scale, allowing the reader to make their own individual judgements. It is in this way that Chaucer illustrates all of these controversial topics that allows him to be considered on of the greatest poets of all time.