Canterbury Tales

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Corruption of Social Classes The Prologue displays the corruption in the social classes, which are organized by wealth, lying and dishonor. The church is supposed to be the most holy group, but they are the most materialistic, and unholy people. Even though the people of the court are not fashionable, they are honorable and loyal. However, this does not give them a high social ranking. The common people are divided; some claim to be religious …

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…the Merchant. This signifies that the truth with God and honesty may only be false appearances to the truth. The common people as a whole are like the church, corrupted. Chaucer clearly shows how much corruption there is among the social classes. Wealth and material objects are the most valuable possessions, and yet religion and honor are not as respectful. Chaucer describes his characters to show an overall picture of the corruption that is occurring.