Cannery Row

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In Cannery Row by John Steinbeck, many various instances depict the importance of being included in society. Everyone longs to be accepted by others and being lonely is ultimately the worst feeling in the wrold. William, Henri, and Frankie all show the human need of being included in society. William, the bouncer at Dora's, longs to be part of Mack and the boys. He admires the way they allow life to take it's course. But …

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…being. Feeling lonely can be the worst feeling in the world and Steinback's characters depict the human need to be included in society. In today's ordinary world, nothing has changed. People who are lonely do drastic things out of desperation. When everyone was finally accepted at Doc's party, it shows that if everyone was more accepting and loved all humans despite their differences, than our world would be a much more loving place to live.