Canine's on the police force

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Canines on the Police Force Police dogs have become a vital part of the police force. They are well trained, obedient dogs that, unlike humans, do not fear the daily challenges that arise on the job. Police units throughout the world use K-9 units. They are employed by most local police forces and by many governmental agencies. Police dogs can search 400 to 500 packages in a half an hour. They can search a car every minute. …

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…in a collapsed building. Police dogs help protect the lives and well being of the citizens they are in charge of protecting, and we should recognize and be appreciative of that fact. Works Cited "The Borderís Nosy Narcs." Time 21 March 1988: 33. "We Shed 50 Million Cells a Day; They Make Good Scents To a Hound." Smithsonian Jan. 1986: 64-72. "Just Say No, Rover." Time 12 Nov. 1990: 43. 1-4. Newlon, Clarke.