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I am not too familiar with the events that occurred in this book. It is set back in the times of kings and queens, barons, lords and other titles. The author, Voltaire, who was born Francios-Marie Arouet, was very critical and suspicious of government and officials. He used his writing talens to make fun of them or criticize abuses of the time. In the middle of the 18th century, Voltaire turned against the popular philosophy …

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…turned ugly from all the ordeals she suffered. My personal view of optimism is that it is very unrealistic. I see the glass of water as being half empty, but I do always HOPE for the best. I just donít expect it. I believe that there is evil lurking everywhere and you have to be on your guard against it at all times. Candide believed the exact opposite Ė and look what happened to him.