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Voltaire’s Philosophical Purpose In Voltaire’s “Candide”, the author uses the conclusion of the story to relate to the beginning to convey the message that philosophical rationalism is bad, and moreover optimism. Voltaire accomplishes this by piling tragic events one after another throughout the story rejecting Pangloss’ idea that all is for the best. Furthermore, Candide concludes that both the teachings of Dr. Pangloss and Martin’s theory are both wrong and that “we …

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…is for the best. In short, the conclusion of the story relates to the beginning because in the end, an innocent man who is brought in the belief in the “everything is for the best” doctrine, goes through numerous hardships and terror which gives Pangloss’ theory a lie. Also, Candide learns that through all the unbelievable events which occur, one should only make the best of it, instead of conjure up some rationality for it.