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Candide (Journal) Character: Candide Candide seemed to be a very naïve person, but he wasn’t what you would call a bad person. What I don’t understand is how he was casted out from a fine castle, and he was basically forgotten about. Even though Candide and Cunegonde were caught being intimate whith each other, was this worth his emancipation? And what was so unique about the differences of Candide’s seventy-one quarterings …

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…is the point where Candide finally realizes that he isn’t in his “World” anymore, and he makes the best of it. This story of Candide was interesting to me, and I saw Candide himself as not a bad person. His edges just needed to be sharpened a little. Though he killed three people, it was done for justifiable cause, and he finally got his reward in the end; the gold in which he deserve