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Candide Beginning in the seventeenth century and peaking in the eighteenth century, the winners of the Enlightenment period called for a rebellion against superstition, fear and prejudice. The rebellion was mainly led by a man named Francois Marie Arouet who later took the pen name “Voltaire” while in prison. During his lifetime, writings attacking the aristocracy and the church were attributed to him whether he wrote them or not. Candide, which reflects Voltaire’s life-long …

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…end or the Enlightenment. If one can eventually understand the book they will come to realize that it was very important and influential to the people of the time period. It would also be very influential in helping a person nowadays understand the time period and the Enlightenment much better. Candide is one of Voltaire’s many pieces of writings that I would suggest reading to help understand him and views about the Enlightenment period.