~Canadians in Korea~ What were the most important contributions made by Canadians and the UN to the Korean conflict? Topic: Canadians in the Korean Conflict

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On June 25, 1950 the forces of North Korea crossed the 38th parallel into the South Korea. This date would mean the beginning of a bloody war, the 38th parallel was the line that initially separated North and South Korea and soon would be not a border line but a battle line. This was trespassed with an attack meant to invasion, the United Nations recognized this aggression and decided to aid South Korea and resist the invader. …

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…an example, there have been other peacekeeping actions followed to the end of this conflict. "Korea was the kind of war which tries a nation's patience. There were neither major victories nor major defeats. Still, there was little protest. On the home front, Canadians followed the fighting, hated the enemy - and lived life as much as they had and as much as they wanted to" (John English, Years of Growth 1948-1967 (Toronto, Grolier Limited, 1986)35