Canadian Identity

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Throughout Canada’s relatively short existence we have created quite a reputation for ourselves. Our great nation is known for many things , and I am proud to say that most are positive. Does Canada have a strong national identity? Anyone can see the answer is yes. Just take a look at the facts. For example, we are renowned for our peacekeepers and no other country is considered more peaceful. Without a doubt this is the …

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…protect our identity what would become of Canada? Works Cited United Nations. “ Social Indicators”. On-line. UN web site . July 30, 1999. Available: Smith, Daniel J. McDevitt, Angus L. Scully. Canada Today: Third Edition. Scarborough, ON: Prentice Hall Canada Inc., 1996. United Nations. “Human Development Report”. Online. Human Development Report 1998. 1998 Available: Canada. KAM International.“ Knowledge”. On-line. Immigration To Canada. 1999 Available: