Canada's Shame

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The infamous Harp (whitecoat) and Hooded (blueback) seal hunt photos have virtually disappeared from newspapers or television news. That does not mean that seal hunting in Canada has stopped. The mass killing of seals off Canada’s East Coast is commercial, cruel, and wasteful, yet despite furious outcry from Animal Rights activists the government is refusing to take notice. The cruelty of this extensive killing operation, which starts during the seals’ birthing season, has been …

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…viewed as abhorrent both in Canada and abroad. More must be done regarding the hunt. A stand must be taken against the cruelty and wastefulness of the hunt, for there is no such thing as a “humane” seal hunt. Silence will merely be taken as tacit approval of what is happening. As a result these beautiful mammals that live off our East Coast will be a thing of the past, occasionally remembered, but lost forever!