Canada at War

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Any war is a horrific event that may last years. Wars leave a legacy of death and destruction. They arenít just for soldiers and battlefields but for new weapons that make destruction possible on our lands, beneath our seas, and in our air. They bring suffering and death to all families, races and nationalities. No matter where you live during the wars, they can effect you; seeing families destroyed, lives taken and children screaming …

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…in Cyprus. Then June of 1970 the regular armies of the Black watch and two other regiments were reduced to nil strength and removed from the Order of Battle. The Black Watch is now itís traditional role as a Militia Regiment in Canadaís armed forces. August 1992 they were granted the freedom in the city of Montreal. In 1997 and 1998 the towns of Ormstown and Huntingdon were granted the Regiment and the Freedom of their cities.