Can Sociology Be Value Free

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"Can Sociology Be Value Free?" Value neutrality is a term used by Weber to indicate the necessary objectivity researchers need when investigating problems in the social sciences. Weber also cautioned against the making of value judgements which coincide with the orientation or motives of the researcher. It is important to note that although Weber believed that value neutrality was the aim of research. his view was that no science is fundamentally' neutral and its observational …

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…with just as vigorously as the value issues pertaining to the generation of sociological knowledge. BIBLIOGRAPHY Gouldner, A.W. (1973) For Sociology: Renewal and Sociology Today Penguin Harmondsworth McNeill. P. (1990) Research Methods Routledge London Mills. C.W. (1970) The-sociological Imagination Penguin Harmondsworth Morrison. K. (1995) Marx, Durkheim, Weber Sage London Parkin. F. (1986) Max Weber Routledge London Thompson. K. (1995) Key Quotations in Sociology Routledge London Weber, M. (1949) The Methodology of the Social Sciences Free Press New York