Cambodia and United Nations

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Cambodia is a small country located in Southeast Asia bordering the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia lies between Thailand and Vietnam. It occupies a total area of 181,040 square kilometers, and out of all of this, only 176,520 square kilometers are on land. Cambodia has a 2,572-kilometer long land boundary and 443 kilometer coastline. Cambodia has a tropical climate like most countries in Southeast Asia. In this tropical climate, there is a rainy, monsoon season from May to October. …

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…to be some authority that can take control. The Security Council should send down troops to stop the violence and keep a sort of peace in Cambodia. Truly I think that Cambodia is a nice country, but a nice country with many problems. These problems can of course be fixed with a lot of help, which the United Nations can help them with. We will just have to wait and see how Cambodia shapes up.