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Caligula has been known to history as a colorful emperor. He is the youngest son of Germanicus Ceaser and the grandnephew of Tiberius. Caligula as a child was said to have been very ill with a high fever that probably affected his mind. That would explain all the strange things that he did throughout his life. Gaius was given the name Caligula (Latin for “little boot”) in the military camps where he spent some of …

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…and tells all that he is not really ill, but is metamorphasizing into a god. He then forces the Senate to deify himself and his three sisters. He also forces the Sensate to make his horse a Senator on the grounds that it is Alexander The Great’s horse reincarnated. This all becomes too much for the people of Rome. The leader of the Praetorian Guard leads a revolt and Caligula is assassinated on January 24, 41.