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He Opened the Door to Anywhere and Anything Mr. Delagarza- the tall, cool Calculus teacher who truly made me realize the value of education. As far as academics were concerned, I believed I had always tried my best in reaching my full potential. That is, until I met Mr. "D." He made me understand that I was not going as far as I was capable of Mr. Delagarza offered to help me out on a …

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…be a computer programer, I wanted to own my own company . Since the University of Texas ranks as having one of the best academic curriculums in the nation, participating in such a program will challenge me to the best of my ability, probably more than anything ever will. Under the mentoring and guidance of Mr. Delagarza, I do not fear the intimidation that college puts forth, I welcome and look forward to it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**