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CAL By Bernard Mac Laverty Characters: Cal: He is a typical 19-year-old Irish boy. He has had a hard life because his mother died when he was 8. Now he is living together with his father Shamie. But the relation between them is not like a father and son relation, they are more like friends. Cal is a person you can persuade very easily and fast. He isn’t very self-confident. His friends Crilly and Skeffington …

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…So Cal gives an anonymous warning to the police to protect Marcella. At Crilly‘s house Cal announces that he doesn‘t want to be involved in the crimes of the IRA any more. But Skeffington and Crilly threaten to kill him if he leaves the movement. Crilly and Skefington are arrested after the attack. One day later Cal is also arrested because Crilly and Skeffington have told the police that Cal was also guilty.