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Cain, from the Bible, is the person who brought the evil of fratricide into the world. He opened the gates for two very evil characters in Grendel of Grendel and King Claudius of Hamlet. Throughout their respective epic poem and play, these characters portray the utmost evil within our society. “Claudius is thus not only Cain but Adam. Claudius’s sin has, for Hamlet at least, turned Denmark into a fallen Eden; thorns and thistles …

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…of when to kill Claudius. He lets Hamlet, “make sense of his moral dilemma.” (Pg. 74) In conclusion, morality is the deciding factor in whether a creature lives a life of happiness or a life of anguish. Your free will and your morality are closely related on all decisions that you make, and if you choose to use your free will in the wrong manor, your fate will come up faster on you than you expect.