Caesar's Reforms

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Caesar had several motives for establishing his reforms. They varied from increasing the stability of the Roman Government, to furthering his own ambitions. His reforms were wide ranging, and covered areas dealing with the provinces, administration, the economy, and public works. The colonies and provinces were a major focus of Caesar's legislation. The provinces were increased in their status, and were made more important. In 49 BC, Caesar enfranchised the province of Transpadene Gaul, and the …

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…get established. There were some reforms which can be viewed as solely to preserve Caesar's name indefinitely. He employed troops on road-building and trench-digging projects. The Pontine marshes (south of Rome) were drained for the extensions to the Julian forum. A gold coin was circulated with an impression of Caesar's head - an unprecedented action in Roman history. Also, his name as a month on the Calendar has survived for nearly 2 millenia after his death.