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CINDERELLA I will tell you kids a story of how your great-grandmother and great-grandfather meat and fell in love. Once upon a time, a man whose wife was pleasant, kind and with sawed legs had died. He decided to marry again. Unfortunately, he took a mean, nasty and covered with hair, woman for his second wife. She had two ugly daughters, who were just like their mother in every way. One was fat with a …

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…stepsisters fell at her feet and begged her to forgive them for being so mean. And Cinderella said, “Of course I forgive you.” She replied, “that’s why I want kill you but in stead you’ll be curse and from know on you’ll be carrying the solders ammunition in war. Then the solders carried Cinderella to the palace, where the prince was waiting. And that’s how your great-grandmothers and great-grandfather were married.