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In the play ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare, Claudius kills his brother (King Hamlet, former king of Denmark) by murdering him in order to take his position. Cladius’s brother is the father of Hamlet (Prince of Denmark). Cladius is the villain of the play; he is extremely evil-minded. Although a lot of the time he does not show it. This comes under a very important theme of Shakespeare’s plays: appearance and reality. In every …

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…He even plans it with another person, which is Laertes. Since Laertes wanted to kill Hamlet, the King took the chance and assisted Laertes by creating a plan to kill Hamlet (which did not work out and everyone dies). This was also a rule in great drams: the protagonists are always dynamic, and this is why Shakespeare made Claudius dynamic. He wanted to make Claudius think of evil ideas, which made the play more exciting.