By rejecting the race concept, anthropologists are ignoring obvious human biological variation.

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I believe race to be more of a concept created by society rather than true classifications based on important biological terms. "Races" are really just groups of people placed into different categories based on their physical characteristics such as skin color, hair texture, and facial features (such as nose, lip or eye size and shape) or region of birth. The concept of race seems to be an easy way of grouping people together for means …

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…will be because melanin is a naturally produced skin protectant, more of this substance results in darker skin. People living in this area with darker, better-protected skin will most likely be the ones able to survive and reproduce there (creating a "race"). The only difference between darker skinned and lighter skinned people is the amount of melanin in their skin. Is region of birth and melanin amounts important and obvious biological variation? I think not.