Butch and Sundance

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As the titles roll we see a road stretching to faraway blue mountains, the background music is a kind of rock'n'roll country sound, Tex-Mex, so the audience have the expectation that what they are about to see will involve a journey in the western states of America. As the film has a 15 certificate the audience expectation is that it will handle adult issues and it may include some scenes of violence, some scenes of a …

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…they join hands and accelerate into oblivion. It is an ending in some ways similar to that in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid as we don't actually witness their final death but we know of its inevitability. We, the audience have come to feel affection and admiration for the two women and the concluding scene lends a kind of mythic, poetic quality to the ending of what was a very satisfying and enjoyable film