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To: Mr. Stephen Snyder From: Pat Papoutsis Date: September 13, 2000 Subject: Operational Plan for Mission will provide superior customer service in the field of upscale/niche travel related vacations. The focus will be to accommodate virtually every vacation scenario requested by upscale/niche clientele. They will concentrate on bringing the customer the most hassle free, quality and personalized vacation experience possible. Guiding Principles will be providing travel experiences that will …

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…and evaluated for quality control and customer satisfaction feedback. A client to consultant ratio of 1:15 will be maintained to further insure clientele receive the highest quality interaction possible with travel consultants. will be able to handle all facets of travel. They will be capable of coordinating all travel needs with accuracy, efficiency and confidentiality. They will accomplish this with state of the art technology and modern quality control systems previously stated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**