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Dear Sir, Review of current canteen situation and proposal for upgrading. Raffles Polytechnic School of Business houses 668 students and 77 staff. Canteen 1, with a capacity of 200, serves this population. Currently there have been numerous complaints with regards to Canteen 1. Hence the objective of this report is to address the various complaints and hence made the necessary upgrading. A survey had been done and below is the summary of my findings with regards to the issue. 1.) Major …

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…for the type of food that is demanded and the racial percentage breakdown of the school population is not available. Next, I feel that the fourth compliant with regards to outsiders using our canteen does not pose a big problem. I thank you for your care attention for this report and should there be any queries, please do no! t hesitate to contact me at 98765432(hp) or e-mail me at Yours faithfully