Business Ethics

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Contents 1. Introduction 2. What is Business Ethics? 3. The 10 Benefits of Business Ethics 4. Case Study on Nestlé 4.1. The Impact of Business Ethics on Nestlé 4.2. Nestléís view on Business Ethics 4.3. The Implications of Business Ethics on Stakeholders 5. Conclusion Introduction Every business has the power through their ability to spend vast amounts of money. They have the ability to change or enhance situations in which many common individual does not. As organizations may affect some people, they have …

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…behavior by either party can result in harm for the other, a classic lose-lose situation, therefore upstream communication is essential for these ethics policies to be adhered to. The impact on all stakeholders can be a great strain, as Nestle have a very thorough and comprehensive ethics policy, to conform to this could take a great deal of time. Conclusion What is Business Ethics? Plain and simple, ethics is the choice between right and wrong.