Bunker Hill

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The battle on Breedís Hill, wrongly named the Battle of Bunker Hill, changed the course of the American Revolution. This battle was the first large-scale engagement and also one of the bloodiest battles of the American Revolution. It was held on June 17, 1775 in Charlestown (now part of Boston), Massachusetts. The prior battle to this one would be the at Lexington and Concorde which sort of started it all. This battle took place April 19, 1775. After …

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…be a long, close one. The fact that the battle was almost won by the rebels rose the spirit in other Americans that they might actually have a chance at this rebellion. Also proving to Britain that the Americans were not afraid to fight for their freedom and that they could be vicious at times. General Henry Clinton wisely said after the battle "It is such a dear victory, another such would have ruined us."