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Sharon is a high school girl like many others. With encouragement from her parents, she studies hard, is on the honor role, the swim team, honor club and even finds time to volunteer in the community. Yet, on a Friday night, while her parents are out at a movie (her boyfriend, Todd, cancelled on her) she eats enough food for five people then makes herself throw up. This is not just pigging out. It's symptomatic …

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…Wilson, p. 98) Doctors also "suggest that bulimics seek professional help immediately because treatment may be lengthy and relapses are not uncommon." (Farley, p. 20) "Some forms of cognitive-behavior therapy have also helped people with bulimia, especially when coupled with techniques to prevent vomiting." (Morris, p. 391) However, even though bulimia research is relatively new, information leading to the prevention of bulimia is underway and will hopefully alleviate the physical and psychological turmoil for a great many women.