Budweiser - The "True" campaign. The successful advertising campaign for Anheuser-Busch. It reflects campaign objectives, execution and results.

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CHAPTER 1: HISTORY AND DIFFERENT KINDS OF TELEVISION Television was invented in the early 19th century but took general publics attention after WW2. People very soon realised the power of this medium to reach masses. It was the only medium to provide sight, sound and motion together. Today this medium of Television is available in three forms; ·         Broadcast TV ·         Cable TV ·         Satellite TV Broadcast TV This reaches the audiences through the transmission of electromagnetic waves in …

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…Appendix A) We recommend this advertisement because it reinforces the Anheuser-Busch philosophies and emphasizes the importance of being "true" to the Budweiser band. The setting of the commercial is easily related to everyday life and will be the atmosphere of many homes during the World Cup series. We hope to draw in our target market by establishing this familiar setting in hope that the consumer will associate their definition of a good time with Budweiser.