Buddhism and the Poetry of Jack Kerouac

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Buddhism and the Poetry of Jack Kerouac For we all go back where we came from, God’s Lit Brain, his Transcendent Eye of Wisdom And there’s your bloody circle called Samsara by the ignorant Buddhists, who will still be funny Masters up there, bless em. Jack Kerouac -from Heaven Jack Kerouac spent his creative years writing in a prosperous post world war II America. He was in many ways a very patriotic person …

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…believed that only God can understand miracles. Kerouac, seeing things from the perspective of the “innumerable diamond essences” would have no problem with this argument. He would then, through his poetry and prose, explain us all to be God. He would open his Buddhist eyes to the world and record his meditations. Life was a miracle as well as art to Kerouac. Buddhism showed this to Kerouac, and Kerouac showed this to the western world.