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Buddhism 1.) The First Noble Truth - 'Dukkha' A.) The First Noble Truth seems to be an intrinsic understanding that all things are impermanent. This impermanence causes us to feel frustrated when we can't hold on to people or things we think we need. This need helps us feel wanted and/or important. Dukkha can also be described as the suffering we experience and see in our lives. Unpleasant conditions such as being sick, seeing our …

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…to follow the Path I would have to find something else to do and am not ready to give up the security. Right Effort is something that can help me deal with and ultimately get rid of any fears, anxieties, and compulsions. Together with Right Mindfulness the freedom from these evils would come by being 'In Control' and being self aware. Right Mindfulness would help me enjoy the things in life I take for grant