Buddhas meditative position

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I feel that Buddha Being in this particular position expresses many things. First, one has to be able to understand what Buddhism represents. Buddhisn is a religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha or "Enlightened one," promised to offer an escape from suffering. The Buddha taught that life is a cycle of pleasure and sorrow, of death and rebirth. Suffering he thought, was a basic part of life. It was caused by …

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…heavily reliant upon order to impress others. Meditation is used to reduce mental and physical stress. Achieving the meditative state is known to produce certain physical changes in the body related to the lessening of stress, such as lowered blood pressure, slower heartbeat, and decreased intake of oxygen. So by sitting in this popsition ( a meditation position) they cut down the stress. Moreover, the whole objective and promise of Buddhism is an escape from suffering.