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Brown V. Board In the 1950ís African Americans tired of segregation and discrimination, launched the civil rights movement to demand equality. The NAACP had been able to open some all-white universities and graduate schools to African American Students, by demonstrating that in most cases educational facilities of white students, but the court maintained that segregation as legal. In 1952 a group of cases that challenged segregation in public schools came before the supreme court as Brown …

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…of Virginia, vowed to use every legal means at his command to maintain segregation schools in his state, and because of the resistance from the south the supreme court issued a rule in 1955, calling on federal district courts to end school segregation as soon as possible. The Brown V. Board of Topeka was a Supreme court case challenging segregation in public schools, in it the Court ruled the separate educational facilities were unequal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**