Bromine: History and Study

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Finally, away from Chlorine. I spend almost all of my time attached to that stupid Chlorine atom in a compound called Bromide. At last, this guy named Antoine Balard separated us. I overheard that it was the year 1826 when he found me, whatever that means. Maybe it's important to you. Once this guy separated me from that Chlorine, he got all excited, and then he commented that I stank. Maybe that's why he named me …

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…to the surrounding area. I can even extinguish electrical fires out. Over my time of self discovery I have learned many things. Some have been about myself, and some about you humans. Using my knowledge about you, I have decided to become Buddhist, and follow the Eight-Fold Path to Nirvana, which I have heard, and it is one of my dreams to see one of their concerts, even though I've heard that they are dead.