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British history The Celts arrived 2500 to 3000 ago. Their language survives in Welsh and Gaelic. England was added to the Roman Empire in 43 AD. The Romans built camps, forts and roads through the land and also Hadrian's wall as the protection against the invasion of the Celtic tribes. The Romans towns and forts were connected roads, which was used by British for many centuries. The Jutes, the Angles and the Saxon tribes arrived from German lands. …

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…reign of Queen Victoria. Through victorious World War I. Britain suffered huge economic losses. The land suffered major bombing damage in World War II., but held out against Germany after the fall of France in 1940. Industrial growth went on in postwar period, but Britain lost its leading position to other powers. Labour governments passed programmers nationalizing some basic industries and expanding social security. The Thatcher conservative government has however increased the role of private enterprise.