British Colonialism

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Colony is a geographical unit outside the borders of a state, which is connected to the state financially and managerially. As Barbara Ward states in her book "5 Ideas That Change the World", when we study colonialism, we are looking at one of the most far-reaching and widespread activities of mankind. It seems to be a fact of human nature that when one group of people becomes more powerful than another group, its instinct is to …

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…had been too bloody, too costly, and too cruel; 6000 British troops had died in battle, 16000 more of disease, and 23000 had been wounded. (Arnstein 159) Nowadays there are very few colonies all over the world. After the World War II the Europeans abandoned most of the colonies. One of the last colonies was the English Hong Kong. Unfortunately most of the colonies managed to liberate themselves after a long fight with their oppressors like India and Pakistan.